Meshkati is a high-end hair centre which provides bespoke advanced and undetectable hair loss and hair thinning solutions with the most beautiful results.

MESHKATI provides solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our surgical and non-surgical procedures restore both density and volume of hair, regardless of the extent of hair loss. Thanks to our exclusive techniques, the result is instantaneous and lasting. All of our procedures respect strict procedural and quality requirements in order meet our standard of excellence.

Amy Meshkati

Leading hair specialist & president of meshkati

For over 30 years, Amy Meshkati continuously strives to push the limits of hair reconstitution. Amy started her activity in the field of hair reconstitution and research in 1985 in Paris. Passionate about hair loss, Amy conducted research that paved the way for exclusive procedures and preventive care.

In 2004, Amy launched a complete range of hair products tested in laboratories to prevent hair loss, nourish and revitalize the hair. In 2007, eager to provide a solution to cancer patients, Amy created a specific technique to address hair loss concerns during chemotherapy: the CHEMOSOFT program.

Amy also invented an advanced hair restoration technique named NANOPROCEDURE. Non-surgical and without any side effect, the procedure allows for a complete reconstitution of hair.

In 2016, Amy opened a new hair centre in London’s prestigious Belgravia, at 10 Grosvenor Place. In a beautiful British townhouse, MESHKATI aims to be the leading hair restoration centre globally.

Management Team

Celine Meshkati – Director

Celine Meshkati is a Director at Meshkati where she leads innovation and research. Celine started her career at DNA Comms and holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from Queen Mary and a Master of Science in Genetics from UCL.


Catherine I. Maitrier – Director

A graduate of Berkeley, Sciences Po Paris and Georgetown, Catherine I. Maitrier started her career as a M&A lawyer. Catherine then joined Meshkati to launch the London centre where she is now Director of business development.