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Treating hair loss during chemotherapy

What is Chemosoft?

CHEMOSOFT is an exclusive hair substitution solution specifically developed to address hair loss during chemotherapy.

A personalised solution permanently fixed for the duration of your treatment, it allows you to preserve your image and focus fully on recovering in serenity. Completely natural and without any surgery, it is the most advanced and comfortable solution to short-term hair loss.

I created Chemosoft to relieve patients of the burden caused by hair loss during chemotherapy, so that they could heal in confidence.
Amy Meshkati

Why choose Chemosoft?

01. Your hair loss will go unnoticed

The CHEMOSOFT solution is entirely personalized. Using samples of your hair, we obtain natural hair that resembles your own or any desired hair of your choosing. The result is simply undetectable.

02. Permanent until your hair grows back

Once the procedure is completed the hair is comfortably fixed for the entire duration of the treatment and is kept in place until the natural hair grows back to the desired length. This means that unlike with a wig or hairpiece, you do not have to see yourself without hair during the therapy. It also means that you may wash and colour your substitution hair, swim, exercise and sleep comfortably.

03. Comfortable

Unlike wigs and hairpieces, the exclusive CHEMOSOFT solution is comfortable and feels like your own hair. You may run your hands through your hair and touch your scalp, as you've always done.

04. Safe and Natural

CHEMOSOFT is painless, non-surgical and 100% natural, providing a soft and discreet solution to hair loss. We use an exclusive technique developed by our research centre that has proven its efficiency for more than 10 years.

I tried a few solutions before finding out about Chemosoft. It is the only one that made me feel like myself again

Carole, cancer patient

How does Chemosoft work?

Taking an exact print of your hair and scalp allows the CHEMOSOFT solution to recreate the look and feel of your real hair. The substitution hair is fully natural and of the same quality as the hair you always had so that once fixed it feels like your own.

The CHEMOSOFT solution may be provided at any time: either before therapy has begun, during the course of hair loss, or even once regrowth has started.

We use 100% natural hair from our hair bank and source only the highest quality hair. We set a standard of excellence in our work and strive to constantly achieve the highest quality result.

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Furthering cancer research

With CHEMOSOFT, we’ve developed relationships with cancer patients that have touched us profoundly. Naturally, we’ve decided to actively support the

advancement of cancer research through organisations and initiatives working toward cures and treatments for cancer patients.

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